2001 250Fs

I am glad I got my money down on the 01 yz250f early. I read the first article in Motercycle Daily a few weeks back and put money down the next day. I guess if the test articles come out and say it's crap i will lose my $100 I put down to hold it and keep my 400. But I have high hopes!!

The WR is not a green sticker bike in Cal.

Just took a stroll to the Yam dealer here in Wilmington, DE and apparently, they are getting five '01 YZ250Fs. Every one is already sold. I am at the top of the list for the WR250F :)

Looks like Yamaha hit another home run with the lightweight thumpers.

Yamaha is defineatly different than the other dealers in their allocation of machines. Same dealer I bought my 400 from was allocated a total of one 250, and he wasn't sure if it was going to be YZ or WR. Thankfully it is the WR version, and it has my name on it. Expected delivery is Feb 2001.


99 WR400




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