New battery.

I doubt that there are many options; but what is the best replacement battery and where are the deals for an '04 WR450F? (It's really dead this time!) Thanks.


I just picked one up from Rocky Mtn for about $32.00 including shipping

check your local listings for a battery shop the oem replacment is the only one with enough cold cranking amps to start this beast, they suplyed me at less then half the dealer cost

I purchased one of these after having to replace the Yuasa battery in my WR450 a third time. At ~$40 each Yuasa, the money invested in this setup will pay for itself if your battery dies regularly, as mine did. Yes, it does cost a few dollars, but the weight savings alone is enough for some folks that care to drop 2-3 pounds and don't worry about the cost. Imagine all the titanium bolts you would have to replace to equal 2 pounds...surely they would cost more than the price of this battery.

This battery is not connected to the bikes factory generator so there is no over/under charging. You wire it up (takes about 15 minutes), plug in the connectors, and it behaves as if you have a normal heavy battery...except that after 100 starts it still has a charge! When it starts to lose charge, you just plug in the charger to the charging plug that you routed nicely when you installed it, and in 30 minutes or so you get another 100 or so starts.

I know the guy that makes these and they are quality stuff. He recently came out with a less expensive charger so the package price has dropped significantly. I have also seen some of his custom battery configurations for running the battery above the skidplate and they are awesome. Imagine dropping a 2-3 pounds AND relocating the remaining 5-6 pounds of battery weight to the lowest point of the bike, under the engine.

If you are like me and try to save weight, improve performance AND ease of use with every upgrade to your bike, call Andre and ask him what he can do for you.

Tell him Gregg sent ya ;-)

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