Yz450 Exhaust Cam

Does Anybody Have A 450 Exhaust Cam That They Have Laying Around And Would Like To Sell It???? Im Lookin To Do The 450 Cam Mod On My 426....i Believe Its Has To Between 2003 And 2005 Model Year.....

Yes you need an 03 thru 05 cam. Most use the 03 and buy them new. Mine was around a $100.00 here on Thumper Talk OEM. Have you priced them yet?

Yes, I can get a hot cam off ebay for around $130 dollars and thats the cheapest I have found...If I can find a cam that has few hours on it for half the price or less that would be great.I dont mind getting a new cam but Im the type that tries to save every penny. Would it make a diffrence if I installed the intake cam from the 450 as well????

Most of us who use the OEM cam only change the exhaust cam. The intake doesn't seem to have any performance improvements. Some of those who use the Hot Cams replace both the exhaust and intake. The state noticeable power increases when doing that. Right now my 00 has more power than I can use effectively LOL.

Thanks for all the info guys.... I found a cam for $60 and I cant wait to get it installed..This site is by for the most informational site I have ever come across...I wish everyone else (espacially at the dealers) were as helpfull as u guys..Thanks again for the info....

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