Popping under deaccelaration...Help! also....

I have the air lid and the baffle removed. Could it be the fuel screw? Also can I get some opinions from people with there WRs, YZ timed. How is it? Does is give you more mid-top. I have a 52t rear sprocket will this still give me enough low down grund for the narly stuff, and steep, slow hill climbs.

I have a 99 WR with stock timing however; what did you think of your bike with the 52 tooth sprocket on the back? Does it help in the tight, slow speed stuff?

The bike with the 52t rear is much more managable in the slow stuff. You can go alot slower and hardly ever stall. I climb alot of REALLY steep, tight, twisty hills, before I had to use the clutch A LOT{feathering and popping it all the time}, now I can just give it a little twist with the right hand and there I go, up the hill. It really makes a big differance. Wheelies can be a problem though.

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