Does Anyone Know About How Much The Disc Should Move?

on my 03 yz450f i just bought..the front disc seems to have good amount of movement when the break is pulled..(the two piece floating disc)..i now know it is normal to move..but how much?? i need to know..any help? thanx a lot- josh

If it more or less quits wiggling once it's hot, it's fine.

sweet! im going to check it out when i ride! thanx a ton!

i have a Braking floating oversize wave rotor and it has a lot of movement, it makes a clicking noise when you push the bike, but its not noticeable when riding.

ok thats great for me to hear! i was worrying that mine needed replacing! thanx

My stock front disc on my 07 somehow ovaled the rivets holding it together.It ended up haveing a TON(almost a 1/2 inch) of slop in it and it tighted up but it was still way noticeable.The bike had 14 hours on it.We got the dealer to call yamaha and they took it back and we got a new one for free.

wow! hope mine dosent move that much..

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