Freezers first WR ride

Rumor has it that Freezer finally got to ride his new WR for the first time. He went to the hospital right after he got the sucker shipped to him! Major bummage!

Freezer, how was your first ride? Did you have fun? Isn't 686 at Rampart a kick in the butt? It's like snowmobiling and taking high banked turns.


Want to re-live those days as a complete beginner dirt biker? Then read on:

Jake took me for a very short ride last Thursday at Rampart (my first time

there). He said I did well, after I kept asking him, "How'd I do?"(maybe he said that just to shut me up!) I did

introduce my former Michigan bike(I bought it long-distance) to Colorado dirt and rocks, and that means more than just a tires-to-trail handshake! I't amazing how quickly you go from Mr. Confidence to picking yourself up off the ground, several feet/yards away from bike, mumbling "wha happened...?" But it sure was fun. The grin on my face lasted until the next morning, when I moved my neck. :) However, the stiffness will subside, but one thing will not: I officially got bitten by the bug! I can't wait to go again!

Coming from the mountain bike background, that ride at Rampart was the first time I got the similar thrills and feelings that you get when mountain bike riding, and IT WAS WAY BETTER! Prior to a month ago my last time on a "dirt bike" was my mini bike as a kid(embarassing to admit that here). I joined the mountain bike craze as a flatlander in Indiana in the late 80's(I got a lot of funny looks for the first couple years). Moving to Colorado in the mid-90's was a dream come true, and meant more fun on the mtn. bike. To bomb down a singletrack and jump waterbars and obstacles, or climb steep, rocky terrain and clear fallen logs were things unknown to me, and hard to believe a bike (um, bicycle) could do.

Now, I've talked more about mtn. biking more that I care to, but I'm trying to convey the feelings of a dirt bike greenie, and it seems only possible by comparing it to previous experiences. I'm sure others in the sport have migrated via this route, although somewhat unconventional (eh, Jake? Maybe you too, Bryan?) It's hard to put the feeling of biking into words--hey, I'm a guy. If anyone cares to help out, please feel free to join in.

Okay, take all that exhileration, challenge, ruggedness, speed, fear, sheer terror, adrenaline, and pure fun, and put it on a scale from 1 to 10. Now promptly throw that scale in the trash, 'cause dirt biking singletracks in Colorado is way off the scale! I mean, everthing is dialed up higher: the ability of the bike to cover more terrain and more difficult terrain, the stability of the bike, even the comfort of the dual heavier suspension, the speeds, the faster you get into trouble, the farther you fly from your machine when you depart, etc.(I'll stop there). You even drink more water!

Okay, that's after one ride. See, I told you I've been bitten! I just don't know how I'm going to explain this bug to my wife. Somehow, I don't think she's going to be surprised...


p.s. Jake, thanks for all the help with setting up my bike and making my first rides fun and not overwhelming. It makes a difference!

Ah, remember that first single track… :) For those of you that have been riding since childhood, you missed one of the most memorable days of adult life – the first time you dare ride single track. :D

I really caught the bug back on my bicycle. I used to love those downhills, but I dreaded the climbs. (I actually used to pay to ride chairlifts up the mountain, so I could just ride down). Anyway I got my first bike (XR650L – a light beginner’s bike – ha!) and was overwhelmed by the performance. It took a good year before I ventured into the dangers of single-track. Everyone warned us – “Don’t take those 650’s to Rampart!” Bunk-650’s love bank turns! (OK - They’re not so fond of whoops)

Anyway, I still remember that first day on the trails! Wow – what a thrill! Not being a master of the machine it was still intimidating for sure, but something gave me the feeling of confidence. It was like watching a puppy Labrador retrieve it’s first duck. The machine was just made for this stuff! You know, you struggle to get a 15# MTB to climb a hill that a 300# cycle doesn’t even breathe hard.

I’ve now converted several friends from peddle-power to motorcycles. The response is always the same – Wow this is awesome! Jason, last year, said “This is nothing like mountain biking! It’s like mountain biking on crack!” We’ve found, though, that it takes a certain kind of bicycle rider to make the conversion. You have to have the aggression. Without the push-your-limits attitude you won’t see the fun it.

Freezer fits this mold. His new but used WR had 1,000+ miles on the stock tires (seriously), baffle still in, and the suspension was way out of balance. The machine was awful to ride. Most of you reading this wouldn’t even ride the thing. It didn’t matter. He was all nerves and was going for it! We started on the Beginner Trail. Got the basics down on turning, standing and general weighting of the machine. Then we went into the trail system. I chose a screaming fun entry-level trail with three-foot bank turns. Bob stopped three miles in and was out of breath but still got out – This is awesome! Then he made some comment implying that “it was too bad we had covered so much of the trail system.” Ah rookies, we’d done 3-5 miles of a 300-500 mile trail system!

We switched bikes halfway and he got a taste of good tires on a tuned machine. “So what do I need to buy to make mine like that!” Last night we changed the rubber, balanced the suspension, and added new renthals, grips and handguards (SRC’s by the way – very nice). Now he’s ready for that second ride! Charge ho!


Jake, will you come tune up my bike too!!??

Seriously, I think that you are truly a gentleman & a scholar for helping out someone who is new to the sport and would definately be totally overwhelmed if it were not for your patience and instruction. Dirt riding draws a lot of really cool, down-to-earth people like you...that's one of the reasons why I love it so much!!

Jake, I am going to have to buy you a beer (or ten) in Moab (you are going, right?)

Originally posted by AngryCandy:

Jake, I am going to have to buy you a beer (or ten) in Moab (you are going, right?)

Oh yeah, I'm going. Someone's got to lead the scenic trips :) Seriously, both Bob and Jason mentioned above are planning on being there.


PS I might hold you to that beer :D

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