Baja designs kit


Can anyone let me know where to

purchase a Bajadegigns kit for the

WR400F that may be in stock somewhere.

There is a 6-8 week lead time out of BJ and that is pretty long. thanks in advance.


You may be able to pick up the parts from ThumperRacing or Chaparrel.

You might also try calling Baja back and ask them to send you seperate parts - not in a package. Generally their kit contains parts that may not be required where you live. Maybe you start with just the manditory upgrades for DOT then add the others as needed. just my $.02


I have a kit I was going to use for my 99 WR400, but will be selling this bike in the fall in anticipation of the 01 WR250, so I didn't install the kit. Drop me line if your interested.


99 WR400





I recommend you seriously consider TW's offer. My kit has been on order since 27 Apr 00. At that time, they were advertising four weeks to ship the kit. I already missed the Kernville ride because of their backlog, I don't intend on missing anymore. If it doesn't show up by the end of this week, I will cancel my order with Baja Designs and take you up on your offer, TW. That is if Mike passes on it. I'll check with you guys Friday evening.

Scott Hoge

I waited 9 weeks for my kit for my DRZ. Man that sucked. But I got to break it in and get used to it before I tagged it and broke the turn signals off in the dirt. The kit is excellent other than the cheesy brakelight switch. Anyway the turn signals would be hard to break off as close as they are tucked in.

I have a BD kit that I bought back in spring of 1998 & never installed on my bike. The kit is complete except I used the rear brakelight switch & I didn't get the turnsignals. Any buyers?

Do you guys really need the BD kit? If you don't need turnsignals or a rear light that stays on with the engine not running skip the kit, save a LOT of money & do it yourself! It's really pretty easy. I have detailed the instructions here before, if you can't find them let me know.


Roy, what state do you live in? Do you really not need turn signals to be street legal there? I can see the light-staying-on thing, but I thought turn signals were required everywhere....

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