Ultimate Tire Pressure

What are you all running for tire psi and type of tires. In loose gravel the front wants to wash with the stock 739, any info appreciated. thanks

No amount of tire pressure will fix a front 739 :) I didn't care for that tire too much.

I usually run about 13-14 for offroad and I was running only 10-11 for the MX track until last week. I got a front pinch flat from landing hard when I overjumped a jump last Thursday. I got a new tube (with 13psi)and ran again there on Sunday and the front feels much more precise or secure or something like that on hard cornering. I think with the 400 being heavier than most MX'rs and me being lardy too that 10-11psi wasn't enough and the tire was rolling to the side on the rim a little under hard cornering with good traction.

I run Bridgestone M77 & M78 which are great for both MX and offroad and wear a lot better than the stock 739's too. I think if you're not interested in MX, then there are probably a lot better choices for enduro type riding but I'm not the one to help you out with that as I haven't tried a lot of those.


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Its personal..

You have to try it out..

I run 6-10 in my rear, and 8-14 in front (with HD tubes)

Yet to have a flat! :) (touch wood!)

People look at me like I'm stupid when i tell them what I run.. but it works for me.

You problem could be too much comp damping in the forks also..



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I ride mostly mx on very hard pack with one long straight and a sweeper that is sand. I run the stock tires with 14-15 pounds front and rear.

Regardless of air pressure. If you want the bike to turn you must have the YZ seat and tank.



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Interesting point about the 739 front. Front end is all over the place on certain types of graven and dirt. Most alarming is what happened to me twice now on an MX track. Both times hit the side of a ~6 inch rut with the front wheel and the bike just simply went down *instantly* without zero warning. Quite frankly this shocked the hell out of me. Bent the stock bars first time and replaced with renthals. When this happened a second time, no damage, but still, zero warning, didnt see it coming. I've been out of it for 20 yrs but by no meand am I a novice. Rode mx and enduros for years and years on this same track without this ever happening once. The bikes I rode were tanks, ie, '76 Can Am 175, '79 Can Am 370. Maybe I gotta explore some suspension mods in addition to tire change.

'00 WR400, Renthal Bars, Ottawa, Canada.

I have the bike for 2 months and am still fiquiring it out, up till know I hadnt changed the suspension settings from stock, and the front always wanted to wash in gravel. I changed the tire pressure and softend up the front end 2 clicks, for the rough, roots and rocks type riding and the front end seems to stick better, although the back end breaks loose at much higher speeds and rpms than the old xr600

I run about 25 psi front & rear. I have noticed the tires last longer. I ride my bike on the road quite a bit. If I am riding strictly off-road I will let some air out, down to about 15 psi.


Team Oatmeal Pie,

Do you have the stock tank and seat? If so, that's the first problem. They prevent you from getting your weight over the front wheel. I suggest going with the IMS tank and YZ seat.

Secondly, the Dunlop 739F tire is miserable. The 739 rear is decent. I suggest going with a Dunlop 756 both front and rear.

Life aboard your WR will be soooo much better then.

Eric in WA


’99 WR400, YZ timing, BigGun SDS exhaust, Air box lid on without the snorkel, WB air filter, IMS Tank, YZ Seat, Acerbis Handguards, Scotts Steering Damper, Renthal Bars, Devol Rad Guards, Dunlop 756F & 756R Tires

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16# front, 13# rear

I agree w/ the gas tank/seat and the front suspension. I have raised my forks up 1/2" in the triple clamps. I had my forks re-valved and re-sprung by Pro Action. The fork springs seem to have less preload and the action/reaction is much more supple and responsive.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


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