Please Help..wr426f-Running Hot, bogging

I'm new to this thing. I just bought a 2001 wr426f. When I start it up the pipe gets REALLY hot. It's so hot it's melting my air box. Is the bike running too lean? Valves? How can I fix this? When I ride the bike it kinda bogs down a little and doesn't ride smoothly. Does it need to be re-jetted? Carb. Adjustment? Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou!


when the fuel is on, does the carb leak fuel out of the overflow when it is just sitting there not running?

No...It doesn't leak fuel.

Is your hot start pushed in. Sounds very lean.

Ya..The hot start is in..I think I'm going to try re-jetting it..That's is what one of my friends told me. If you have any other ideas please let me know. Thank you so much!

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