99 wr400f bars and tires

God I love this bike, but after a few years of single track wooded riding i need a few new things and was looking for some insight. I need a new set of handle bars, mine are a bit bent from a few dumps off into the trees, any suggestions for a set of bars more upright like the newer wr's? Oh and I am also looking for new front and rear knobbies and heard something about a "michigan knobbie" that dunlop makes, anyone hear anything about this thing? I need a front with less width than my stock, any suggestions? Thanks.

I have a WR 450 and it came with Dunlop 756's - and I ride in MI also - and they work ok for stock tires - some guy's like the Kenda Southwicks - which are supposedly great in soft (Michigan trails) but they don't have good durability - 1 year and then replace.

I still can't believe people get more than 300 miles out of a rear tire on this bike. I'm at 145 miles and the rear is almost done.

Bars: Pro taper contour CR mid bend

Tires: D 756 front, trials tire (for your conditions)

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