ProCycle's "AC or DC" horn

I bought one, and it's not an AC horn, it is only a DC horn. As I suspected, it does the strangled duck sound with AC. Can't complain about their other products though, they are prompt, in stock, good quality, and clear instructions.

Too bad it is so hard to find a 12 Volt AC horn. I checked a scooter supply site and thier's is only for 6 Volt.

I didn't know that the horn really needed DC. I thought that the reason it doesn't work, is that the horn needs a lot of amps to operate. More amps than your stator can provide. With a DC system there is the battery to provide that big blast of current.

If all you need is DC get a bridge rectifier and a cap. You can get what you need at Radio Shack.

Although I am no electrical engineer, the issue may be more complex than that. A DC horn, when connected to an AC system sounds like a a choked duck at idle. BUT, unlike your headlight that becomes brighter when you rev the bike up, the horn dies out when you rev the engine.

The ProCycle horn is not an AC horn.

I have fitted two bikes with Procycle components. In each case, I used a rectifier/regulator and a 750mah nimh battery. The battery acts as a ballast to prevent light dimming at idle and allows proper operation of any and all electrical accesories at any engine speed.

I stumbled across this while searching google for fixes for horn issues. I have a Napa 140dB horn(DC) and supposedly a 110dB AC horn. Both will makes noise at just around idle, but as soon as the bike is revved, neither make noise. Have any of you had any luck in getting a horn to work with out using a battery?

I'm running a Baja Designs stator, and I know I'm putting between 11.5-12.5 Volts to the horn. I have not yet tested for amps though..



A lot of Euro bikes(GasGas, Husky, etc) including trials bikes come with full street equipment. Even the two strokes. Those bikes must have AC horns. At one time here a local trials bike dealer was selling new take off horns and control switches cheap.


You're right, scooters and some Gas Gas bikes have two stroke horns...I just can't find them for sale on the internet yet. The one scooter supply co. with AC horns no longer stocks them.

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