YZF 426 has no spark

The spark plug coil shows good continuity on primary side but none between ground and the sparkplug. On the CDI magneto the pick up coil tested good but no reading on source coil 1 or 2. Any ideas??? The year of the bike is 2000.

what kind of meter are you using..? on the source coils the resistance is in Kili ohms(the number X 1000 in actual ohms) so the risistance is very high, and you need to set your meter on the appropriate setting. The ignition coil has the opposite, very low resistance. If you measured the ignition coil resistance then went ahead and measured the source coil resistance without changing the meter then you wouldn't get a good reading if any at all.

oh, welcome to TT

Thx FLjoyride. We done it just like you have explained and that is what we came up with. Im afraid that its going to take a new stator just like Atropine's bike. Do you know anywhere that has good prices on stators?

Silly question for you; Did you change the spark plug. I have had the silliest things foul my 426. The plug will look good but no spark. New plug, good spark. Just a thought. Good luck

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