Hey guys,

Installed the front Fastline brakeline. The res. was not completely empty so I filled it up and tried to start bleeding.......nothing.

I have Russell speedbleeders (which were installed a few weeks problems)

I then mounted the res. cap back on and the same thing 20-30-40 pumps and nothing happens

any ideas? I just thought of something...could the banjo bolts be different as far as where the hole lines up and I accidently swapped them?

I'm supposed to go riding tomorrow and I knew I shouldn't have tried this until I had a few days break.


You need to bleed the reservoir itself. To do this, you need to pump up the brake, then loosen the banjo bolt on the reservoir itself. This is the bolt that connects your brakeline to the reservoir.

Make sure you have a rag underneath the fitting to catch the brake fluid that spews out.

Once you have bled the air out of the reservoir connection, bleed the brake cylinder again (at the hub).


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For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

pull the caliper off.

try putting something that is a bit round edged in between the pads & push them out as far as they'll go. careful with your pad material! try & make sure that the resevior is above the banjo bolt (left lock on the sidestand).

you can pump the pads together again or they should go in together au natural. then pump them open again. a good one to leave overnight so that the bubbles go to the highest point. watch for fluid spillage on top.

look out for silt blocking the eye for the fluid to go in & out of the cylinder piston area.

can your brake lever get fully away from the resevior piston? take your bark busters off if so.

i have removed the complete load of rubbish that i put in this reply, as it was completly under the influence of and red bull mixers to be exact :)

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[This message has been edited by Darren Santilli (edited 06-22-2000).]

When I completely change out a brake line I always fill the system from the bottom. I take a turkey baster put a length of hose on it that will firmly grab ghe bleeder nipple on the caliper then fill the baster with brake fluid. Now connect it to the bleader nipple open the bleeder valve and squeeze the fluid in though the caliper and have someone watching the master cyclinder resevoir. They will see a lot of bubbles until the fluid comes up the new line and starts filling the master cyclinder. Now close the bleeder nipple and bleed the brakes normally to get the rest of the air out.

This makes the process go very fast.


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