IMS and/or Clarke Tank/Seat for WR's

If anyone has a full bike profile photo of the IMS 3.3 tank with yz style seat or the Clarke version for WR's, I'd sure appreciate it if you could post it or email me at All the photos I've seen are close-up's of just the tank and I'd really like to the the whole profile of the bike after an install. Clear without the bulk of the tank up high, there must be more down low. I'd really like to see the proportions. Thanks!

Without a doubt (any forgive me guys with IMS tanks for stating this so many times)buy the Clarke. I have a friend that bought the IMS and I bought the Clarke. He now wishes he would have bought the Clarke. It is thiner, petcock is on the right side, holds the wieght lower, and $50.00 less. I will see if a can find a picture of both of our bikes and e-mail it to you. If anyone has had a different experiance with these two tanks please straighten me out.


Where is the best price on a Clark tank and a YZ seat? (or anyone else?)

Does anybody think the IMS has some better features?


James Dean

Hey James! I've got a pretty good price quote for the Clarke tank out of state (as I recall you and I are in the same state, GRIN). I'm not 100% sure I'm gonna get it now but I can still put you in touch. Hell maybe we could even get a better price if we buy two... Email me if your interested, I promised I would post prices on the net...


If any Aussies of Kiwis are after an IMS tank and seat combo for a WR.. let me know..

Either that or YZ owners who want a IMS tank.

I can do it for a STEAL!! :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

I have the Clarke tank with the IMS YZ seat. I'll send a couple pictures tonight. The only thing I can really find fault with was the Clarke name indented on the left side of the tank. My graphics covered it, but I'm concerned after a while it'll start to peel off in that area.

I thought I saw that from the photo on the Clarke web site. Damn marketing people! Hey, wait a minute, I'm in marketing! :)

Ok, I sent you 3 pictures. Let me know how they came out. I'm not the most computer literate kid on the block.

My Clarke tank works great and fits right up to my 98 YZ400 with no problems. I had a IMS tank on my YZ250 and it was ok but it a had a couple of problems. The coloring of the tank started to darken and it was only held on by a single bolt. I haven't noticed any changing of my Clarke tank and all of the original hardware fits just like stock. The Clarke on the side is kind of a bummer but not that big of a deal.

The IMS is sort fat and gangly up on top and the petcock is on the other side which requires a longer fuel line. I've had several IMS owners admire the Clarke. Hell, the clarke is $50 bucks cheaper, too.


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