Hoe many HP with YZ timing?

Anybody know what is the different (Power) if to the WR put the Yz timing?.

What is the best transmission set to make the best time from 0 to 300 meters? (on asphalt).

What other mod can I do? (To do the best time).

Waht is, and Wath does the rizino oil?

Thank for your help...


Never dynoed it, but YZ timing does make more power, much more responsive, flat out rips in the midrange/hi end. (w/proper jetting). It's a must have if you are drag racing over such a long distance. Wr timing is weak on the top end. I could barely hit the rev limiter with WR timing. With YZ timing, you will BOUNCE off the rev limiter!

WR gears will give you higher top speed while the YZ gears will accelerate quicker, yet the WR will most likely catch up and pass a YZ in 300 meters. I can catch and pass a YZ426 at about 100 meters or around 60mph (on a WR400, YZ timed, some mods)

You might have to experiment with gearing...since 300 meters is just short of a km, I would imagine short gearing would work well (such as 14/49, 15/48or49 or maybe shorter than that (15/48). That's a guess, I hope someone know the magic combo for you. My 13/50 gearing runs out of top speed in about 150 meters at appx 86mph. So this or stock is probably way to low for you.

Is there a turn after the 300 meters? You could easily hit 100-105 mph in this distance on asphault, maybe more if you've tuned the carb right and have a high end rpm "MX" pipe.

Might want to consider upgrading brake lines/pads if you're going this fast. Are you going to supermotard (TT) the bike?

:D Errr...I know this is Nit-Picking of the highest order BUT 300m is nowhere near a Km it is not even half a Km. There are 1000m to a Km

I think in old money 300m is about 350-400 Yds

sorry :)

and 1600m to a mile....


thank god you're alive. i thought you'd bitten the dust :)

now then there are 1640yards to a mile

and there are around 330yards to 300 metres.

so there are about 1475 metres to the mile. a metre is 10% bigger than a yard.

you all know how to get clicks to miles and reverse? the 5 and 8 rule.

60 miles divided by 5 and times 8 is 96 kilometres. 48 km x 5 divided by 8 = 30 miles

how to get to 300m best?

try different gearing. it can only be done against the watch. but i would suspect that there are several lads here who have put their WR next to a YZ and the concensus was i believe that the light weight and CR box of the YZ gave it the first 100-200 yards and then the gearing was AGAINST it. if the YZ was geared up it should still win as long as you have no sympathy for a YZ clutch in first.


now back to the question. lol

:) Ha Ha ...Hi Taffy, no such luck I'm afraid, I'm still here, (polished bars and all :D )

I 've either been jetting that damn bike of mine nearly there, just changed the pilot jet tonight or working!, I'll let you know my final settings when I'm sure of them!

Hey Guy...isn't rejetting a blast :)

:) Hmmnn.....I can think of other expressions I'd use first! LOL :D

OK... Thank for your help...I will test it tomorrow with 14/50 gearing, YZ timing, WB shorty s-bend 8 disc, and after it a tell you what happen.

Today with stock exhaust and 15/50 gearing, YZ timing, I make 12 second in 300 meters.

Elian ... WR400´99.

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