starting the transformation

fitted the new headpipe, and rebuilt the carb after work this morning. not installed yet though. Better pic of it now. and a bit cleaner pic of it too. damn its hard to move this thing around with no suspension ect. on it.


Got back from my trip a day late because of problems with the airline flights being delayed, but it was like Xmas when I got home.

4 box's of parts, and a new tire to boot. Then picked my suspension up the next day from the shop.

so here it is after a day of work, revalved suspension installed, rest of the pipe on, new tire, tail light wiring/brake wiring installed and tested, radiators put back on and filled. hope to fire her up this afternoon.



well cranked it out this afternoon, and other than some connectors, and 40 bucks for another K270(since I have some dualsport rides coming up) no other money spent.

I got it together enough to run ect. No HID yet, didn't get to install the headlight housing. Did find out that my tailight works, but brake light has a bad ground. I run the Baja designs kit on the brake light setting for my tail light, and an LED setup in the stock location for the brake light. wasn't happy with the brightness of just the baja designs kit.

so everything in line so far, started second kick using the jetting table from the pig pen site.

suspension was revalved to borynacks desert setup

so far, forks are good, and the rear shock neded stiffer damping/rebound, but still playing with the clickers. and all I have is street riding, and one mound near my house.

but its scary how it feels different now, power delevery is more like my WR450 now. I'll get in a ride sunday morning after work, then probably tear the suspension out to make some adjustments.

also can't wait to test HID out, see if it'll run on the stock stator



now I just need a 4 gallon tank or so, a skid plate, and a steering damper

Hey NavyNuke, how much did the fork revalve set ya back? Would really like to have that done to mine, but would like a ball park figure before I plunge.

well I'm a guinea pig for the local shop. there mechanic is trying to get started in suspension tuning. so I owe him some favors(like dog sitting while he is on his honeymoon ect.) and feedback on how it goes.

so I paid for the fluids, and thats about it. last time I had racetech do a complete revalve/mod/spring replacement on my DRZ it was about 1100 for front and rear. thats pretty darn high though.

Holy tornado batman, yeah, that's a bit too steep for my blood, guess I'll have to work on finding someone who'll do it for dog-sitting favors;) Thanks!

yeah its steep, but it was in 2002, and I had everythign shortened a bit for motarding, I had to buy the springs, and race tech gold valves ect. it was the full blown race tech setup. a suspension shop can reshim your stuff for far less, especially if you already have the right springs and stuff.

mine was so much because it was so early in the motard craze.

you should be able to get the valves redone in 3 to 5 hours on forks an shocks if the guy is familiar with everything, shims aren't that expensive, neither is the oil. so if you take you suspension in, your still gonna be spending at least 4 or 5 bills to be right. sorry I gave you such a crazy high number to shock you a bit.

well the HID works, but it cuts out, draws more power than the stock stator can keep up with.

so gonna have to get a 200Wstator.

oh well, at least everything else works well.


ran ok on an 90 mile ride today. although it was having sputtering issues, and dieing ect. pissing gas, think my float is adjusted wrong. made it frustrating, but got a damn good pic of it for its debut. too bad I forgot to put the skidplate on it.


thats a nice pic!:thumbsup:

now do you want the :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: someone stole it last night.

:crazy: :crazy: :cry::cry::cry::cry:

now do you want the :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: someone stole it last night.

:crazy: :crazy: :cry::cry::cry::cry:

no F**** way! sorry about your loss. i'd like 5 min. alone with those SOB's.:foul::rant::thumbsdn:

i dunno, you would have to see him in the hospital after I had my 5

insurance cover that???

the beatdown? or the bike? the bike was insured, claim started and all

still sucks though

the beatdown? or the bike? the bike was insured, claim started and all

still sucks though

least it was covered. ya sucks.

now do you want the :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: :foul: someone stole it last night.

:crazy: :crazy: :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Ah man, that is so F@#*ED UP!!! Dude, I don't even know what to say. I hope you find the bas***d.:foul:

nice bike. Gutted for you that it was stolen.

well insurance gave me an initial offer today. I laughed, then argued with the lady for almost an hour, and its to be continued monday.

she swears up and down my bike is only worth 2500 plus registration fee. thats before the deductible. so I told her to get one for me for that price, and I will pay them my deductible, if its not trashed. she changed the subject. said she didn't have time for research, and asked me to fax in ad's showing prices of 01 650Rs. grrr, gonna go to my agent tomorrow, talk to him, even though the claims lady is not working tomorrow.

figures they try to lowball you. 2500 huh? right.:thumbsup:

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