Swimming with my WR

My son and I just finished two back-to-back 2-day dual sport events. The Sequoia Challenge was last weekend, up from Kernville into the Sequoias. 190 miles on Sat., 160 on Sunday. Beautiful scenery, huge trees, ferns, flowers, and great loamy-soil single track trails (no dust) through the mountains, no whoops, awesome views. We're going again for the last ever October event, they'll have two days of mostly single-tracks tied together by some fire roads. All closed after Jan. 1.

This past weekend we did the final Bass Lake dual sport event just south of Yosemite (also closes Jan. 1). The USFS tried to shut the event down at the last minute by requiring new permits, so the organizers moved the sign-up to private land and the riders went "incognito". Both days were outstanding, Sunday's single tracks were the best! The difficult options had big downed trees, mud holes, and deep water crossings. On Saturday afternoon, I went for a nice swim with my WR. I killed it 3/4 of the way across a deep stream crossing, tried to foot into the deep side, but there was nothing there, so we both went completely in the drink. Nothing but the throttle itself was out of the water (just so it could breathe :) Drained about a gallon out of the air box, 1/4 gal out the sparkplug hole, but the thing wouldn't fire for anything. An hour later, totally exhausted from kicking, another rider came along who opened up his tool bag and went right to work draining my float bowl. Three times on & off, to get all the water out of the carb (about 1/2 cup of water came out of the float bowl). This Good Samaritan later turned out to be none other than the legendary Larry Rosseler himself! Earlier in the day Larry bailed out another WR rider who'd dumped his bike into a stagnant mud hole. I'll have to leave his vice-grip marks on my float bowl drain for good luck...

Okay, thanks for rubbing it in about the rides. I was supposed to due the Sequioa Challenge but this whole moving thing is really screwing up my riding plans :)

Any chance of getting up there again this summer?


Steve, That was a great ride, Larry Rosseler is truly a nice person. It was great to ride with him last weekend. Its funny I work in the television industry and see celeb's all the time and couldnt care less, but when you see Larry Rosseler on the trail you think WOW this is cool!! Dan

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