Kevin...what is de-octopused?

what is de-octopused? never heard that one before.


99 WR400-FMF 909 topclamp,FMF MegaMax II full pipe, IMS seat/tank,Renthal bars,Acerbis rally pro guards


Take a look at the conglomeration of hoses on the left side of your carb (left as you are sitting on it). If you trace the hose from the hot start valve to the carb, you'll note you have 2 lines that go to the carb body and another that goes to the intake manifold. All this crap is your air cut valve or "Octopus". If you see a YZF, note it doesn't hava all this stuff on it. The YZF still has the hot start though.

If you go into technical, you'll find instructions by Clark how to remove this and re-jet to YZ specs.

Clark originally had problems due to disconnectng the vacuum lines w/ his boot. If the line becomes disconnected you have a vacuum leak directly into your intake manifold, then valves and cylinder. Our bikes suck enough stuff through the head vent while kicking it over. Clark saw the YZF did not use one and prompty fixed his problem. I didn't need another shortcut into my engine either.

I pulled mine off too and have never regretted it at all. It REALLY cleans up the appearance of the carb.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark, fork job by Pro Action.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

Never mind...... Kevin beat me to it!

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