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I'm sure most of you are aware that the California Air Resource Board (CARB) is imposing standards on off-highway vehicles that has resulted in the red and green sticker riding program.

This requires that all off highway vehicles that are either not certified with CARB by the manufacture, or produce more than 1.2 hydrocarbons (HC) and 15.0 parts of Carbon Monoxide (C0) will have either a "3" or "C" in the eight character of the VIN number.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to have accidental issuance of green stickers for bikes that are only suppose to have red ones. I have confirmed with both the DMV and CARB that these were accidental, but will not be re-called.

Today, I contacted CARB to investigate other options for green sticker certification. I was informed that many of the 4 stroke and 2 stroke model actually pass the standards that have been set (as listed above) but the manufacture choose not to certify the bike with CARB for green sticker operation. This, apparently, keeps an owner of a clean running bike, or an owner who modifies a bike for cleaner running, from processing the bike through an emissions test, and then applying for valid green sticker.

So what's my point?

Well, I'm looking for advice as where to turn to next. Would it be best to verify that the YZ and WR 4-strokes are meeting these standards, and then go to Yamaha of North America with the request for certification? Or, are there other legal options? Do you guys feel that the AMA or other groups could help with this? Is there any legal ground that can be taken against CARB or Yamaha that would force them to comply.

You're thoughts on this matter would be very helpful, as well as any additional information or contacts in the industry that you feel could provide additional assistance.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS - for those that ride the Hollister ranch, they are still allowing red-sticker bikes to enter. See their web site for details.

Dave Johnson

Campbell, CA.



First, I believe that the WR is a 'Legal' green sticker

4-stroke, where as the YZ 400 is a 'Red Sticker'

bike. I purchased a used 99 yz4900 that was given

a green sticker initially and when I went to the DMV

to transfer owners, they flagged the registration and

sent my paper work to Sacramento. Believe it or not

I ended up walking out of the DMV with another

'Valid' green sticker without playing any games and

just doing as the DMV said.

Second, the AMA and Districts 36 & 37, which are the

AMA districts covering California has put forth a lot of

mony to fund the fight for green sticker bikes. The final

and current plan says that any post 1998 2-stroke and

the YZ400,426 are suppose to have RED Stickers and

can only be ridden during certain months of the year.

Mike P

I talked to one of the guys who is in charge of model certification before I moved to San Diego 8 months ago. I specifically asked them if the WR/YZ were green stickerable and was told no. The guy even told me that he was disappointed. They had high hopes the yamies would meet CARB standards. If you buy a new bike, you can get a green sticker for just about anything. A few months ago I saw a guy cruising down the street on a CR 250 with license plates! I found a slightly used 99 wr and I have a green sticker. When I changed titles, the dmv worker could care less. Her job is filing the paperwork, not doing the work for CARB. CARB's green/red sticker program is a joke in terms of enforcement and is full of loop holes.

The 00 WR400 and YZ426 DO NOT pass the CARB emmissions test. Nor does the DRZ400. All of these bikes get a RED sticker. The XR650R gets a GREEN sticker. This is because of the extensive amounts of smog equipment that Honda was kind enough to put on the bike. If you own a DRZ, an 00 WR400 or a YZ426, don't even bother wasting your time. These bikes come nowhere near the minimum levels needed to pass CARB. If you really need to get a green sticker, buy a Canadian model. They don't have the 3 or the C in the 8th position of the VIN. With a Canadian model, you can get a green sticker for any bike, and you can even get a street plate.


Even the Canadian bike loophole is disappearing. I called every single Suzuki dealer in Canada, and lots of them had DRZ's in stock. Every single one of them had a C or 3 in the 8th position.

My roomate went to the DMV today (in California) and got a GREEN sticker for his '00 CR250. What's up with that?


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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Regarding the Canadian Models:

I was at Mission Yamaha (Laguna Niguel, CA) last week and they had 2 '00 Canadian WRs on the floor (they didn't have any US models!). I checked the VINs and they were not "C or 3". I got mine there (a '99) and was able to street license it, so I think this option is still open (if you can find a Canadian WR).

Ron in So.Cal., couldn't agree with you more,

I live in the Mojave and also ride wherever i want and have no fear of the Federal Storm Troopers.Get this, the last time i was stopped in the Big Bear lake area by a Forest Service Clown he commented that although my bike was legal I shouldn't be riding on the dirt roads without my turnsignals installed.Like I'm going to sinal my buddy when i take the next fork in the trail? What a joke! I want to puke when i think that my taxes are paying this guys salary. Come out to Apple Valley some time. I'll show you some stuff that aint on the "open" trails maps.


I'll take you up on the invite. I ride the apple valley area quite a bit (in the winter) and like it a lot. Ever hear of Steve's Place? How's the heat these days?

I often ride the Big Bear - Arrowhead area and almost like to get hassled. Did you know the Forest Nazis are required by law to have a Forest Adventure Pass. Even the volunteers that are supposed to enforce this stuff are required to purchase a pass. They say "where is your forest adventure pass?", I'll say "show me yours and I'll show you mine". I have never purchased one of these stupid things, but I do own a "Forest Misadventure Pass" ( available from Free Our Forests at ). It looks just like the real thing, but if you actually read it you will laugh pretty hard. This is a must own item. FOF's moto : "CAN'T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE FEES". Ya gotta love it!

Curran, John Philpot--Speech upon the Right of Election (1790)

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.".

Green sticker, red sticker, purple sticker with orange polka dots, whatever. I have to admit, I ride anywhere I want without any stickers, and refuse to acknowledge the forest service's authority. They may try to stop me on the trail, but they have yet to catch me. Even if they did, what would they do? Unless they are shooting at me I just ignore them. (Over regulation tends to do this too me)

I have learned this over the years - the more money you give them (green stickers), the more money they have to build fences, buy radios and trucks, and hire morons with bad attitudes to hassle me. This whole idea might offend some of you, but I choose to give my money to people who help me (AMA, BRC, etc), not people who want to give me a hard time.

Just my opinion.

I cant even imagine what kind of hellish nightmare you all have to go thru to ride. Its is absolutely disgusting, I can only imagine the scene trying to deal with the stupid paper work, you should be able to buy a bike and pay a minimal fee under $20 and be able to ride any ohv/orv area you want, its public land you deserve equal and unrestricted access. Why are dirt bikes being restricted, the pollution generated is minimal, if I understand right that trucks are not restricted in Cal like passenger cars, yet there must be more trucks than bikes. None of it makes sense, its not based on logic. It seems like a way to restrict and unfairly tax a small percentage of the population, as we are an easy target, being unorganized some what ,as most just want to ride. Next time you see the ranger/tax man remember he charges you $ to ride, to pay for his job, and then exerts his control over you riding on public/our land. Amazing isn't it.

Here's a URL at CARB that's a good overview as to where they are coming from, (ie, mile-per-mile, a 2-stroke equals the emission output of 118 cars).

I agree with many of you that I don't like being told what I can and cannot do with my moto, but I certainly want to do my part to keep the air as clean as possible, (where's my tree to hug).

I can't imagine what LA and the Silicon Valley would be like if the EPA had not enacted air standards for cars and trucks many years ago. It set forth a challenge for the auto manufactures to design engines that could do this, but look at today's results.

Perhaps this same process needs to take place with everything from lawn mowers to jet skis. Perhaps we'll end up with some really cool stuff. However, I'm just pissed about the transistion that were in. Why didn't the manufactures act sooner? Why didn't CARB give the manufactures sooner notice? Did anyone really go over board or is it just a real hassle to make something fast that burns clean? How can they do this with a modern day V8 but not a single cylinder dirtbike?

Well...I don't want to rally against anyone, I just want to get things moving or get a little more slack until Yamaha (or whoever) can respond.

Till then, perhaps I should find a loophole.

I have a old Suzuki TS185 and a 00WR. Which one do I have to ride in Summer..??

CARB has got it wrong.. IMHO they should raise the requirements to a level where a performance four stroke can get through

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