Dented Fork Slider

Well I put some hevier springs in my 650r this last weekend and found that my left fork slider had a dent in it from the outside a few inches above the axle bolt that made its way to the inside and was causing the fork tube bushings to catch on it. There was a bunch of goldish/copperish looking debris in the oil so that makes me think that my seals will start leaking soon. I put it all back together with the thought that I would watch ebay for

a used set of forks so I thought I would check here also. Does anybody have a set of forks or better yet just the left fork or slider that your willing to part with. Or has anybody fixed an issue like this in the past?

i know people that have cleaned some small dings and pits with fine sandpaper or something else really fine.

Goldish copperish is probably the bushing itself. Check with (PM) Jesusgatos on the stock forks he is replacing with an inverted set-up.

I think that this one might be a little large to buff out, plus its kinda of in the center of the tube, where I cant really reach.

So does anyone have a used set of forks they want to get rid of?

Thanks for looking that up Rock Jockey, I also got in touch with Jesusgatos,

Thanks for the help!

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