For Chris in Utah....

Did you do a timing change on your '01 wr426? If so, who did it, and what has the result been?

I am down in Springville and Frandsens is the dealer for me. Due to several posts on the timing change I am wondering if it will make any difference.

Could you let me know how your timing change works out?



Hey Rod,

Do you live by Hunter's Valley and if so was that you riding around the neighborhood a few days ago?

My wr is a 2000 model but I'll let you know how feels when this snow melts and I can go for a cruise. If you have the time, you should do it yourself. An hour or two of swearing under your breath and your done and you've saved money too! I followed James Dean's suggestion and put in the ekp needle with the #100 air jet and the 48 pilot/ 168 main...

It started on the first kick so I hope I wont have to tear her down again too soon.

Lets go ride sometime!


I live over in the Mike Klauck sub division. Kinda by the white lime spot on the mountain. There are a couple of guys around here that have the wr. I play around by the lime spot as often as I can, then just a bit further north too.

My email is if you want to drop me a line.

So it sounds like you are in this area too?


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