Remote hot start??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just put on my Ty Davis hot start and tank. And in the instructions it says do not lose the small piece of foam that goes in the switch to filter the air to the motor. Got done and their was a small piece of blue foam. Is this the foam their talking about if so where does it go???????Please if you know anything help me.

Originally posted by d.williams:

...the small piece of foam goes in the switch to filter the air to the motor.

I don’t fully understand your question, since you seem to have answered the one I thought you were asking in the quote above.

In short, the tiny little blue square of foam goes into the switch to filter air into the motor. With the engine running and the switch on the vacuum will suck the square piece of foam firmly into the little round inlet. I like to spray a tiny amount of air filter element oil into the hole once I have stuck the foam in there, and routinely replace this piece with small bits I rip off an already torn air filter that I saved for this purpose.

To explain further, when you operate the switch forward you are uncovering the small (like less than .5 mm in dia) hole just inboard of the red lever. This passage leads to the hose and then to the carb.

To make sure the fitting you installed in the carb is positioned properly you should be able to easily blow into the other end of the hose (or alternatively the small air inlet on the switch where the foam goes), or feel considerable vacuum on the inlet with the motor running.

Hope this is the kind of answer you were looking for.

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forget the foam and buy a Dr.D hot start system.

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