Air Filter cleaning and oiling

Used paint thinner to clean my foam filter and then used 2 stroke mixing oil (the manual says engine mixing oil, is this what they mean?) to wet it. I also applied some standard white grease to the mating surfaces before installing. This was my first cleaning and I need to know if doing it this way is going to do any damage.

(brand new 2000 model)

Also, anyone out there who has not installed proper rad gaurds, I would really recommend it! Second ride with my new bike and I managed to bend and crack the outlet valve on the main rad. Luckily it was repairable as a new one apparently costs $500 canadian. Got rad gaurds on order ($130), and I'm sure they'll be a good investment.


Use air filter oil. It is totally unlike engine oil. Air filter oil is very sticky, and should stay on your filter MUCH better. I would also use kerosene or diesel fuel to clean the filter. After using the diesel fuel, I normally wash my filter with either Simple Green, Wesleys Clear Magic or dish soap. I pat the filter to remove the excess water and let it sit for a day, preferably somewhere that sees air movement. When I was a kid, I would toss the air filter into our basketball hoop and let the wind do it's work.

Although debatable, I do put a layer of grease on the seating surface of the filter.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark, fork job by Pro Action.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!

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