99 yz 400f head rebuild??

Hey guys! Great site! I was woundering if you all could point me in the right direction of getting my cyl head rebuilt? I have all the parts,hotcams stage one,kibble white valves,springs,retainers,locks and seals!

I would like to send it to a reputable builder and get it back ready to bolt on! Also looking for someone to bore and coat the cylinder for a +2mm JE high compression piston!

Thanks for any help...........

Thanks! I'll look into them.


Just had my head all done with cams, kibblewhite guts, grind, port, polish, the works. They rock!!!! Best price and workmanship

Good luck!!

will I need any extra parts for the auto decompression cam?

No. Except possibly a valve shim or two.

It would be best to go with 426 rod and bore. 400 rods were not very good and broke on the small end,426 were bigger.

I'm just doing the top end for now! When it's time to split the case I'm going to change to a 426!

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