WR vs XR

would a 00 XR 400 be as competitive as a WR?

The nastier the conditions the closer it would be. In a survival run (muddy and extremely tight conditions)the XR with it's mellower power and plusher suspension would be pretty hard to beat. In all other conditions the WR with it's superior power and suspension would be the best choice. The XR would also favor the beginner and/or playrider while the WR would favor the rider who has a little more experience and enjoys a charging riding style.

So long everyone I'm off to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a family vacation. Moto-Mike :)

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Rode a new KTM400 last weekend, not just a test ride, but the riding was in the area were we do our trail ride, I swaped with a mate for a half hour, and boy was it good, I think a better starting point than both the XR or WR.

I was that impressed with the 400, that a 520 could be my next bike, I would hate to abandon ship, but like they say "the grass in greener"

The engine was quiet, yet very powerfull, and the suspension was perfect, bars, ergos and it felt as light as a 250, plus that electric start, that's very good!


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2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

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