07 WR450 Opinions

Seabass, If I get a chance at RHR I can stop by Desert MC camp and you can take mine for a spin. As far as a race bike I love it except the forks. Feels lighter/ more flickable even than my old 04 YZ450. Once i get the YZ ones it should be dialed. Sure was nice to have the happy button out at The UMC Silver Dollar Scramble. The wide gearbox was great at the National last weekend. Justin Thompson V279

I was all set to buy a YZ...until the third loop of the TWMC enduro!! I'm not really sure I want a bike without a button now. I don't think I'll be at RHR this year....I had a bad get off at the 100's and may just take the rest of the year off. But thanks for the offer. If I change my mind I'll PM ya, what club are you in??

the 07 is conciderably lighter and racier then the 05. excellent race bike. i would never buy a crfx over a wr.

Own 2006 WR450F, and after two years of racing, trail riding, GPs, some MX...you name it...this bike is unbelievable. I have the GYTR mods, messed with jetting a bunch, Clarke tank, stock exhaust (quiet)...other than the weight, which I knew about going in, i would buy another in a split second. I race Senior A, ride hard, and HIGHLY recommend staying with a blue bike. It has been to ISDE qualifiers, 2 24hr races, countless GPs and qualifier format enduros...list is long, and it is running awesome. Love to suprise and pass big bore guys or dudes on the 450 mx'ers, when you go hogging by them on my tractor with lights. Awesome bikes, and hear the alum frame ones are much better handlers. Have had this bike in the nastiest rocky trails around here (montana) and next week out on a XC GP course and it doesnt skip a beat. Keep good oil in it, clean air filters, set up jetting/mods, set up suspension (mine is stock but thinking about heavier fork springs)....and then go ride and race the crap out of it.

I love my 02 WR426, :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: will probably never part with it, possibly hand it over to my son.

It is almost 8 months into the release of the 07 WR450 and I have yet to really see any threads here that have been dedicated to the performance of the 07 WR450, you know from fellow TT'ers who have had the pleasure of owning or riding one.

I personally would like to hear all the pros and cons about this bike from as many TT'ers as possible. From the few things that i have read, heard and seen, i do like the 07 but am not in any position to purchase a new bike as of now. Like I said me and my 426 are tied to hip till my son can beat me off it...:eek: But in the next couple years I will be purchasing a new bike and it will be a yamaha, live and die blue.

Anyhow would love to hear thoughts on the 07's

Snowman :eek:

GO 07!

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