Oregon Coast 100

The Coast 100 is being held Sunday June 25th in the Tillamook Forest, an OMRA X country points event put on by the Trailsmen. Basically the same area as the browns camp trail system as the two are connected by trails and road. Should be one hell of an ride. Can guarantee rocks, slippery roots, good traction, bad traction, clay, mud, lots of single track, heavily forested and mountainous area. And one kick ass time, any takers.

Dont be scared :)

The Oregon Coast 100 is over and Team Oatmeal Pie (me) came home with a 3rd place trophy in the Open Am Class. The course was insane single track with some balls out fire road connections. Some of the single track was extremely technical with softball and football sized rocks littered everywhere on top of a solid rock base, needless to say I ate it many times, a few over the bars and one high speed get off on the fire road in which i overshot a corner, thankfully into the uphill side, otherwise I wouldnt a made it. the bike went end over end, I jumped over the bars as it started to endo into a large drainage ditch, I came out ok and to my absolute amazement so did the bike. I can not say enough about the Thumper Racing Rad Guards, they absolutely work. I wrecked more times than I can remember, each time in fear of seeing green fluid leaking out, but none, the bike took a ton of abuse, and started right up again. I will say the suspension needs to be revalved as it beat me up pretty good in the slow stuff, but over all I cant complain.

To those who are planing a ride in the tillamook forest in july let me know so we can hook up.

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