gear ratio on 01 WR?

Hi someone can post transmision gear ratio for his 00 and 01 WR426

I've already those from 98/99 and 00/01 YZ

I'm mainly interested in 5th gear, but complete picture sould be cool

98/99WR 5th 21/25

98/99YZ 5th 20/21

00/01YZ 5th 20/21

00/01wr 5th ??/??

when complete i'll post all gear for all years


Here are the ratios for a 01 wr426f according to the manual.

1st 29/12 (2.416)

2nd 26/15 (1.733)

3rd 21/16 (1.312)

4th 21/20 (1.050)

5th 21/25 (0.840)

Primary Reduction Ratio 62/21 (2.952)

Secondary Reduction Ratio 50/14 (3.571)

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