Troy Meadows This week

I start a one week vacation up to The Troy Meadows area tomorrow. The picture of my bike on the home page is in my favorite camp spot in the Troy Meadows campground. I'll be up there through July 4th. If any of you California riders / campers are in the area stop by and do a little bench racing or go for a ride.



Clark -

Believe me, I wish I could join you. That area is my favorite camping/riding also. Haven't been there in a few seasons but it's nice to see it's not closed. Have a blast and be safe.

For those who don't know what this place is like, here are a few pictures from 1993.

That's me on my '92 XR600 having way too much fun in the Troy Meadows area. I highly recommend taking Clark up on his invite. From SoCal, take the 395 north past the 14 / 395 junction and look for the Kennedy Meadows sign. Go up (way up) to Kennedy Meadows, then go left at the store. Look for Fish Creek and/or Troy Meadows.

Bryan - did you disable image tags? Can't get the pix to load...

[This message has been edited by Ron in SoCal (edited 06-28-2000).]

No Ron. They should still work.

Jake was having trouble with them too on the Moab Forums. I'll have to dig around a bit.


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