Airfilter and chain question?

I have a 06 450 and have four NO-toil filters two of which I have had longer than the other two. My question is? the two older airfilters have started coming loose at the top of the seam(where the filter is seamed together) but it is not tore through(just the seam has come apart) Can I still use them or is there a chance that dirt could get through(should I buy two more?).............Now on the chain!..... My sprockets still look pretty good the front one may have a little turn to it and the back also(not much though) So should I get another chain or just wait and get one when it is time to replace the sprockets. I put this chain on when I put the sprockets on and it is a renthal works chain and the sprockets are renthal. I heard that if you replace the chain every so often the sprockets will last longer........I also heard that when the chain gets flat spots in it on the top of the links it is time for another one. Mine has these flat spots so should I just replace the chain and not the sprockets.

Never take a chance on something so simple as an air filter. You can buy a box of filters for what your intake valves cost. :thumbsup:

I always replace the chain and sprockets together. A worn sprocket will wear a chain, and vice versa.

I don't replace my chain/sprockets until the rollers come loose, the sprocket teeth lay over, or the chain won't hold an adjustment for more than 2 rides.

I use the Primary Drive stuff from Rocky Mountain. Its inexpensive and durable. You may want to check out the PD stuff out. And don't forget to order an air filter while your there...... :prof:

Thanx for the info!....... it was alot of help!

I would try contacting No Toil, they are one of the few companies that understand what the term customer service means! I've sent them a torn Uni air filter and they sent me a brand new No Toil air filter.

Replace both sprockets and chain at the same time. Since your riding a 450F, IMO I woulld spend the $$ on a quality O-ring chain e.g. RK, DID, Tsubaki, etc. and buy stainless steel sprockets such as Sidewinder and Ironman sprockets. A good O-ring chain and stainless steel sprockets should last 2-3 or more riding seasons (depending upon your chain maintenance). My experience with alum. Renthals, they cost too much and wear out too fast.

I am not a fan of no Toil filters......sorry Eco People

Throw out any filter that is coming apart, seam or no seam - they are trashed

I use what last, WhiteBros airfilters......end of story

Belray liquid Filter oil

Clean with Kerosene then warm soapy water, rinse

I still have good filters 5 years old this way

Chain and sprockets - if the teeth are turned - the sprocket is almost wasted

Renthal sprockets alum have the shortest lifespan

The chain is ok but must be replaced as a complete set....front/rear sprockets and new chain

I only use Ironman Stainless Steel Sprockets and DID ERT2 chains. They last many years before they are trashed and have 1 year guarantee. Until a better drive system is out this is the best for MX and me:thumbsup:

I use the No-toil filters as them. But once you notice any separation the filter is now compromised...time to get rid of it.

Replace your chain and sprockets as a set. In addition to the DID I would also recommend the Regina ORN6 as a top notch chain. Because chain stretch is the primary cause of sprocket wear I have found that as long as you use a good, high quality chain you can use the less expensive steel sprockets and they will last just fine.

i use no toil also. don't know how long you have had the filters but no toil filters come with a 1 year waranty if that helps any.

What brand of O-ring type chain will fit the 07 YZ450F? I plan to replace the stock stuff when it wears out with steel sprockets and o-ring style chains. However, I've heard that some o-ring chain master links won't fit through the chain guide. Is this true?

I have a Regina ORN6 on my '06 and it works fine. I believe the Regina chain gets it's strength from using high quality steel rather than just making it thicker (and wider) so there are no issues with it rubbing.

Same here. Recently put the Regina ORN6 on my 07 and it works fine and I think as of yet only one minor adjustment.

i use no toil also. don't know how long you have had the filters but no toil filters come with a 1 year waranty if that helps any.

Mine are about three years old.... What do yall think of the RK chains are they pretty good? Like the GB520MXZ3 that is gold plated.

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