gas tank

Hello all,

Anyone know the best (cheapest) place to purchase a YZ426 gas tank? I don't want the IMS (isn't the fuel petcock on the right side?) It is hard to find a used one and I think my dealership told me it would be around $230.00 for a new one. Know any other places?



Hi Kyle!

I dont know where you live but you could call North County Yamaha in Escondido, CA. Talk to Neil in parts. He's been giving people from the ThumperTalk forum, Clark YZ 3.2 gallon tanks for $125.

Good Luck!


You might also try Pete at A-Loop. They are doing a bunch of custimization with tanks. He probably has one or two he could sell. Just an idea...


Not familiar with any of those, I live in N. KY. Would you happen to have any phone #'s for those, I certainly would appreciate it.



1-800-225-1629 for North County Yamaha.


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