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Hay Northern California Riders:

Just came back from a 2 day ride in the sierras out of Boomtown Nevada just east of truckee on Interstate 80. Great riding lots of singal track and duel track trails, creek crossings, and hills. We rode from Boomtown to Border town, which is on 395 in Nevada. It's about a 50 mile ride across the sierras, to Border town. You can gas up have lunch, or even gamble if you want. the altitude ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 feet, nice and cool, even had some thunder storms. Great riding place to get out of the Valley heat for all the northern Calif. riders.

Monty Wilson

this sounds like an awesome ride. Where exactly did you stage and are there maps available for the ride. This isn't a dual sport ride is it? How techincal? Could a beginner make the ride (I am thinking of my son) Thx for the info.


Mike the riding is ok for your son mostly fireroads,but alot of trails also you would have to check them out for your son.You should be able to get maps from the tahoe national forest ranger office.I didn't have a map but had riden the area before on a dualsport ride.We were camping at boomtown RVpark but you can drive up dogvalley road to the top and unload there[you have to be dualsport from boomtown]then you ride north I would suggest a map if you have never been there,or a guide.



Sounds like an excellent ride. What about a future ride up there with the No. Cal boys? This weekend I'll be going to Grizzly flats in the El dorado national forest. Have you ever been there?

I live in Reno NV and know of the place your talking about. Great riding. If anyone is going up there for riding, throw me a date and a place and I'll try to meet some of you up there. Thanks.

Johnny Campbell

1999 XR442

Mike in Silicon, have you ridden Grizzly flats before. I have not. What day are you going. Maybe we can hook up. I am looking to ride this weekend. Could be a good start before the stoneyford ride July 9th


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Mike and Mike yes i have riden in Grizzly flats there is lost of tight trails and woods should be good riding this weekend they should of had rain.I will be at a wedding this weekend or i would hook up with you guys.We will have a good ride at stonyford hope it cools down some befor then have a good day of riding you will like it.



I have never been to Grizzly flats but my riding buddy (Howard) who has says it's excellent. We'll be staying at his friends house which apparently borders the national forest. Since I don't know the owner it wouldn't be appropriate for me to invite you to stay at his house. But that doesn't mean we can't meet up there and do some riding! We plan on riding both this Saturday & Sunday. If you want to meet let me know and I'll talk to Howard about where a good place would be.

Have to can the weekend. Wife honey dew's are now in order. Holding that Stoneyford and Moab thing against me this weekend. Thought I could ride, but I guess not. Some sacrafices have to be made for future endeavors. My trip would have only been a day trip so accomadations would not have been needed so not to worry about imposing. Never would have thought of it really. Anyway have a great time. I look forward to hearing about it. Are you still in going to Stoneyford on the 9th with us. Let me know.



You bet I'm going to stoneyford. I may bring a couple of friends too.

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