Anyone want to loan me a flywheel puller?

I just bought a new flywheel for my 06 and need a puller to get it installed- if anyone has one they are willing to loan out let me know!

I know how youre feeling buying a 100 part just to need a 30 tool. I would be more than happy to sell you mine at half plus shipping or I guess you could just pay shipping both ways and let you borrow it. pm me.


I got mine on ebay for $20.. probably almost as much as shipping

why not just buy one...they are not expensive and if you are having problems finding one it's the same puller that the CRF450R uses...

I bought one for like $8.00 last year. Don't buy the gold plated's all show and no go.

You might check with a local auto or small engine parts dealer. Many times they will rent tools for almost nothing...

Any Left hand 27mm Dia -1mm/thread puller will work..

They make them with Gold Plating? Cool! :crazy:

Buy one (without the gold). You'll need it when you change your cam chain.

treygreen you have PM.

10$ tool ,it would cost more to ship than to buy.

i did not use the fancy pullers.

i used a yoke harmonic balancer puller from my local parts store ,

just get 3 long 4" 8 mm bolts and screw them into the back of the flywheel.

there's 3 threaded holes. and pop it comes off.

price $9.99

I've replaced quite a few flywheels in the past that were damaged by such methods.

Also, repaired the threads on a number of cranks. The correct puller will remove the flywheel with less force than a jerry rigged one in most cases. As a long time professional, the right tool for the job is the only right approach. Anything else has risks associated with it.

We are not talking about an expensive tool here. If you can afford the bike and afford the flywheel, then you can afford the puller. You will want to have one anyway to be able to swap flywheels back and forth for different tracks or riding conditions. It takes less than 10 minutes to swap and can be easily done between moto`s.

yes, you are right gray, it's not the right tool, i took care, got lucky and it worked with no damage, if i waited for the correct tool it was going to be a good week or more.

I belive in investing in good quality tools but in my case i could not wait.

I figured the puller would be much more expensive- I picked this one up on Ebay. Thanks for the help guys!

I hate to break this to you, but that's the wrong one for your '06. That's the one for the earlier 450. The trouble is that the gender is reversed. Your flywheel has a male thread, and the puller needs to have female threads to pull it.

The puller you need is the one that works on a CRF450.

Grey, I would personally like to find the guy who gets drunk and insists on changing this thread design.

I am all for improvement, but I cannot imagine reversing a thread would do much.

Perhaps it does if you on the correct side of the equator....

Well, it was done because the flywheel itself was reversed to the "inside out pattern used in the WR450 (or the single pipe CZ singles, if you want to go back farther). In the old pre-electronic times, this made it possible to get at the points for service without pulling the flywheel. There was and is another, engineering reason for it; it allows the crank to be shorter, and thus both stiffer and lighter at once. Since this design has been around since 1970 (that I can think of), the guy I find fault with is the one who didn't use it in the first place.

Well crap... maybe the seller will be willing to work with me. I saw CR 450R (must be the old 2 stroke CR 450?)in the auction listing and someone earlier in this thread posted 27mm x 1mm left hand thread, which this one is. Live and learn I guess.

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