Hey James Dean

Wondered how you ve made out with 426 needle I have a 00 Wr YZ timed running 180 main 48 pilot and a dvr needle and a DSP pipe wondering if you d recomend that needle you ve tried

Thanks in advance

Yes, I'm still trying to settle in on the clip position and pilot. My best choice at this point is EMP#4 (EKP#3) and a #45 pilot (1 1/2 turns)with #75 air jet. Also want to compare to #48 pilot w/#100 air jet. Anybody tried those back to back? Riding around my property it was running great from bottom right thru the mid-range and top. The true test will be a full day ride on Friday. I'll have a '99WR YZ timed to compare back to back also.

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It looks like from the online YZ426 fiche that the standard needle is an EVR. Isn't this several clip positions leaner than the EMP? What main jet are you using with this needle? Thanks for keeping us posted on your results.



Good insight on the fiche. There was considerable confusion on this needle code. The parts guy said it was EVR while the shop manual says it is the EKR - several clips richer....(5 clips!) After testing EVR, it was way too lean on the clip position. I'm checking the part no. and will be getting it Saturday.

James Dean

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