Rear lower chain guide

OK so i do supermoto and mx. i have a 60t sprocket for my 07 yz450f(for stunting purposes). I knew i was going to have to take the rear chain guide off and I was fine with that. But the actual mounting bracket hanging off the swing arm is in the way. So im going to have to get the cut wheel out. The problem is that I do still swap out and ride dirt so i was wondering if it was ok to run no chain guide in dirt(mx, fmx, trails). Pros vs. Cons. please help.

Pics located here if you dont know what im talking about

I wouldn't ride off-road without a chain guide. :naughty:

why not?? whats the worst thats going to hapen???

why not?? whats the worst thats going to hapen???
Well, let's see....chain rolls off, winds around the front sprocket, destroys the crankcase, fouls the rear sprocket , and locks the rear wheel, all while you're either dragging a peg through a 70 mph sweeper, or 80 feet in the air...I guess you're right, no biggie.

Long travel rear suspensions that don't have an output shaft concentric with the swing arm pivot (which is all of them except the new BMW) NEED a lower rear guide to feed the chain onto the rear sprocket. Don't leave the pits without it.

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