02 WR426 Muffler options

I just bought this bike this spring, first bike I've actually owned in years, and the first water-cooled 4-stroke I've had as well. I love everything about this bike.

The guy I bought it from had done all the mods, which included removing the stock insert from the tailpipe. I admit I like a loud bike, but I also ride a lot of trails and I don't want to be 'polluting' the environment with noise. What are my options for an aftermarket pipe or insert that will not impact power (or possibly give me a boost), while quieting the noise? I've ridden with guys who have newer WR's, and mine is by far the loudest....

You can buy a GYTR insert that will fit in your stock pipe for around 40 bucks from Yamaha of Troy. Or you can get the other baffle... geez I cant remember the name but I tried that one too. IMO the GYTR baffle is better with stock jetting.

If you want an aftermarket pipe, I'd suggest the FMF Q pipe. I am running this pipe currently and I like it and its about 3 lbs lighter than stock.

Glad you are enjoying your 426 :cheers:

Madd, I too bought my 426 used, I did all the mods and i first purchased the White Bros. Exhaust and IMO I didnt like it all that much, so i switched and purchased the FMF Powercore4 what a difference it made sounds nice and is just below 96db. But if you search here for exhaust you should find a ton of info. GL

Thanks for the info, any other suggestions keep 'em coming. :)

I've heard nothing but good things about Dr. D but I have not tried one yet. Look into them. I use a stock YZ muffler and it works real well. Sounds a little better and performs a little better as well, though nothing drastic. However it is not a boat anchor like the WR pipe. Once I jetted the carb with the YZ muffler it flat out rips compared to stock jetting and pipe

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