Timing Marks on Cams

I am trying to get the marks on my cams to line up on the top of the head but they appear to be about 1/2 a tooth out. I can get them to line up in the firing range marker(H) and not the timing mark(I). Has any body seen this before? Does anyone have any suggestions? Could the fly wheel have moved. Is the timing chain streched. Do the marks have to be exact?


I have found that the marks do not line up w/ the head. It is more like they are horizontal and line up to each other. A line, drawn between the two points will be parallel to the head. I BELIEVE w/ YZ timing, there are 13 chain pins between the two cams, 14 w/ WR timing. You are supposed to rotate the crank a couple of revolutions before buttoning your engine back up. This is to ensure your timing is correct, in the respect that your engine won't eat itself the first time you try and kick it over.

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I noticed the same thing. They never have lined up exactly with the timing mark and the top of the head. I tried everything. But as long as I had 13 teeth between the top marks (YZ timing) and it was close to the top of the head, I was happy.

But, I was nervous the first time I kicked it over. No problems. I have been running YZ timing for about 500 miles now and there have been no complications. If something was wrong, I would have bent or broke something by now.

I also found I had trouble keeping the flywheel staying put while making the cam timing changes. It would move with the slightest disturbance. But, once you cover everything back up it is out of sight, out of mind as far as I'm concerned.


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Thanks Guys that does help. I will put it back together now and see how I go.


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