bulletproofing my 01 426

recently i've been riding a LOT of desert. we've been doing average of 50 miles a ride and my new riding buddies just tear off through the desert with no regard for anyones knuckles. i've been taking bushes to the hands and arms....and im worrying about all the rocky hill climbs and stuff we've been doing. so i ordered my utah sports skidplate last night along with the WC radiator braces. i need some opinions on handgaurds to run to save my knuckles a little. and i need a good kidney belt to help bulletproof me up a little. what handgaurds and kidney belts do you all use??

I have always used the moose barkbusters with their handshields but the acerbis ones might be my next move. I also wear a thor kidney belt, relatively inexpensive and works great.

Tusk (Rocky Mountain) makes a really good aluminum spined hand guard.

Utah Sports Cycle bash plates are the best choice.

I would aslo invest in some disc guards and an aluminum chain guard (if you break a chain that little plastic one will not stop the chain from putting a hole in your engine). You can get all three (front, rear disc guards and chain guard) for under $150 from Topar.

You got a desert tank yet? IMS's are a little bit bigger than Clarke's.

Also get some Seal Savers for your forks, the long ones that help protect your stantions.

And, if you are doing hi-speed desert work, get a steering stabilizer!!! Its cheaper than a hospital bill!

Oh yeah, and rad braces, WC are trash! They actually wear out from fatigue (and do not fit well w/ a big tank causing the tank to get a wear spot). I snapped both of them in about 2 years. I went with the Devol Guard, it keeps rocks out of the front as well as bracing up for a crash. Some people think they are ugly, but I think they are cheaper than buying new rads!

I run Acerbis Rally Pro handguards with GYT-R triple clamp mounts- ROCK SOLID setup. Cycra sells a kit with a triple clamp mount also, but I don't like the large-ish look of the Cycra's compared to the Rally Pro's. Rally Pro's without the triple clamp mounts can and will bend in a good crash- the TC mounts are worth the $.

acerbis ones like mine check my garage they rock.

Scorpion rad guards like mine are awesome. they are braces too in 1 package!

I have run the Maier handguards for about 4 years in the woods and they rock and are a few bucks cheaper than anyone else from Rocky Mountain.

WC rad braces are OK but Unabiker's are tougher and made from better aluminum. Utah sport bash plate is a good choice. I have had mine since 01 and still rockin'

Good luck!!!

ok, i got the acerbis uniko handgaurds for my hands, and the fox blackbelt kidney belt (on sale for 15 bucks whoot!!) and my skidplate and radiator gaurds are coming in TODAY. i'm pretty pumped, anyone done this install on the 426?? i wanna go take the bike apart to get ready for installation while i'm waiting on the slow a$$ UPS guy. i know the radiator shrouds will come off for the braces and the stock glide plate is coming off. do i need to remove the little water pump housing gaurd from the right side of the motor??

I have always used the moose barkbusters with their handshields but the acerbis ones might be my next move. I also wear a thor kidney belt, relatively inexpensive and works great.

I too run the Moose busters with the handshields which I love. My brother runs the Acerbis with the hand sheilds and the only real differance that i noticed is that the moose shields seem more plyable. they can bend and shift without breaking where as my brothers acerbis sheilds are a harder plastic.

As for the kidney belt, my brother and I both run a fox belt. He bought his through Rockymountain and I bought mine from my uncle that had just bought the belt and wanted something differant. No complaints there but that is all I've ran as far as belts.

just got done installing the skidplate, it was pretty easy. and man is that thing HUGE. the radiator braces we're a bit of a pain (i think my right rad was already tweaked) and on their site they make them look like they go further back down the tank but mine bolt in right in front of the tank. still looks good, and its noticeably stiffer then the stock setup. all in all i think my 125 bucks was well spent. now i just gotta RIDE

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