WR with P-38 rips!


I have a few topics to share info on, so bare with me. First of all, thanks to Bryan

for this web site, it has helped save me a

LOT of money and Time!

Moto Greg lives up the street from me and has helped changed my timing to YZ from WR

and this is where all my problems began.

I lost a lot of bottom end while gaining

a little top end and mid. So, my quest has been in finding bottom end without losing mid and top.

I'm an auto detailer, so a friend who races, was selling his 98 YZ 400 and traded all of his HI-PO parts for my detailing his bike.

BBR-aluminum sub-frame, Applied triple clamps,270mm front brake rotor,and DMC head pipe.

I proceeded to put it all on my bike and What a difference! The bike got all its low end back, felt lighter(after a few laps at the track), and handled way better. I also run the stock YZ muffler.

So,in talking to my ex-YZ owning-now KTM 400

& 520 Pro level racing buddies,(both whose KTM's I've ridden and both buddies are much faster on their KTM's than on their Yamahas)They've been working with Ken at factory R&D with the P-38 lightning and said

they've had great results, and that I should try one out.

Well I bought one, put it on per instructions

adjusted the pilot screw and I couldn't get the thing to work right. I've read on the forum that others have had problems too.

So, not being satisfied I called Ken (super nice and helpful)and he said to come to his shop and he would dial it in for me. (no, I dont work for him).

I found out that these p-38's are much more precision than I thought,.002". the WR YZtimed carbs are different as far as pump diaphrams

go and the p-38's have different pushrod stopper tolerances. So Ken has a bunch of

different p-38's that we tried until we got

the one that works the best . We also couldn't use the same p-38 as the YZ, because the extra fly wheel weight wont let the bike accelerate as fast so fuel dumps in too fast.

Anyway my bike rips and I'm happy for now, 'till some other weight reducing speed increasing gismo comes out.

99wr all possible mods !

P.S. My club is going to kennedy meadows next weekend july 7,8,9,if any one is interested let me know , or try www.ruts.org

also,were holding an AMA motocross race at lake

elsinore motocross track on july 30.



So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

" TARGET=_blank>www.ruts.org


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