06 yz450f header on 07 wr450f

Ok, I finally got around to tuning my bike they way I want it to be. 30 minutes ago I finished all the hard work. Replaced the stock needle with a yz needle (3rd clip position), yz throttle stop, o-ring mod on the AP linkage, 40 leak jet, 1.75 turns on the fuel screw, left the 48 pilot and 168 main as they were the last time I messed with it, and finally I installed the 06 yz stock exhaust and the Pro Circuit yz header. Oh, by the way, I also disabled the AIS pump by sealing it with some epoxy. The bike fired right up without much effort, and let me tell you..... It sounds WONDERFUL, very solid and powerful, it almost scares me. Love that "brap, brap, brap, brap" sound from the yz muffler. I didn't have much of a chance to check everything, it was 10pm and had it inside my garage with the door closed, not wanting to get the neighbors angry at me.... The throttle response seemed MUCH better than before, lightning quick to say the least. I can't wait to try it out this saturday. Anyone want to ride with me and my dad over at Coulterville(AKA Dogtown, AKA Date Flat)????

It's a WZ now, I fired it up again this morning and WOW what a difference. The beast has been awakened.

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