Best Radiator guard XR650R

I am looking for the best radiator guard for our XR650R .We will be using this bike for the Baja 1000 . We are using a IMS tank.

yep everyone says unabiker for a good reason. much stronger design.

just ordered em for my 650R, my WR450 I'm selling has them now, after bending the pisss outta some devols a few times.

+1 on the Unabiker; I bought them after having an email conversation with the owner on thier strength. He's a straight shooter and knows the deal; recommended.

I like the way the Unabiker guards are built. Seems like they'll be really strong. Has anyone had any issues with them rubbing on the oil line? I'm installing a set on my 2000 XR650R right now and it seems like the top corner of the guard rubs on the oil line.

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