Zip Ty Carb Mod Question

I just got my carb back from Zip Ty and put everything back together. Everything seems fine except when I turn the throttle past the half way point with the engine off it seems to have a very slight drag feeling. There is plenty of slack in the cables and everything functions fine. I am just wondering if this is normal after the mod or if I screwed something up. My brothers bike doesn't have the mod and his throttle is smooth the whole way through. Any light shed on this would be appreciated!

I didn't notice anything like that with mine. Could be something as simple as the dust boot on the throttle tube assembly dragging on your grip. Check the easy stuff first!

I checked the little stuff first stuff and it is still doing it. Its not bad and is still smooth, just seems different. I am wondering if its the new accelerator pump linkage they installed.

Mine is smooth, I would re check the linkage at the carb end.

I did a little experiment. I drained the float bowl and the drag went away when the carb is dry. Turned the gas back on and it comes back as the carb fills up. It leads me to believe its from the mod and this is normal.

i would belive if thats the case that the linkage could use a break in period.. but on a side note let us all know how the new mod is working out.

fireup and run it.......Then you'll know

Ran it up and down the street, runs like a bat out of hell. Great power response. The real test will be on Sunday. Got to get a 100 mile ride it before it gets too hot.

sounds to me like the cables or the throttletube is dragging.........

Not sure why it would go away when the gas is emptied...strange

Run on Sunday and see if the throttle frees up

also take note of how much better it will is amazing the first time on it from this mod:thumbsup:

Too long of diaphragm rivet???

Too long of diaphragm rivet???

Zip ty grinds the rivet down...thats part of the mod, but only required on CRF's

its probably getting flooded and the new accelorator pump can only pump so much gas through until the carb is flooded and half throttle might be that time for you. that is if the bike isn't running.

Carbs don't flood, engines do.

If the resistance goes away when the carb is drained, and is present when it's full, it obviously is a result of the fact that the accelerator pump linkage is directly connected (wired), whereas before, it was driven by a spring. It's simply that you can now feel it.

Thinking about this more.....that new linkage kit....did it include a new spring? Possible that the spring is stiffer or more progressive (like the Tokyo Mods spring option). When my carb was done and reinstalled - the wire made no difference in throttle pull...ride the hell out it and see if it frees up some

The new linkage kit did include a new spring. They also returned my old linkage and old spring. Its starting to sound more and more that this is normal.

I put my zip-ty'd carb back on a few weeks ago and that was one of the first things I noticed. Its only a very slight increase in resistance but it is noticeable.

I took the bike out today and it was great! Great throttle response, more power, and no more bog. The jetting of 45/165 they recommended was great for Lucerne Valley this time of year. Overall the power increase and delivery is great and I am glad I did this mod.

Did the throttle resistance stay the same...or are you just use to it now?

I say it is the spring they use,,,,:applause:

It did stay the same. I only notice it when I turn the throttle before I start the bike. Once running, I never notice it.

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