Safety Wire Size


What gauge of wire do you use to wire your grips and/or other parts on your bike? I bought some 24 gauge steel wire but wanted to ask before using.

You use stainless steel safety wire, not regular steel wire, cause it breaks too easily, its available at aircraft supply shops in 2 guages, I use the lighter stuff which is 25 thousandths of an inch diameter, you will also need a pair of safety wire pliers, about $20 to $30.

There is available that safety wire thing, I don't even know what it's called, some sort of looped gizmo for twisting safety wire. Skip that goofy thing and like DeBarker said, get real safety wire pliers. I use mine ALL THE TIME. You won't regret it.

BTW, the 24 gauge is rated at 10 pounds.

I have 0.032" diameter stainless. It is available from White Bros. About $20.00 for a big roll.

And I agree - Definately get the pliers....

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I've been using standard residential copper wire (romex) and it works great! When you twist the wire it stretches nicely and the knot can be flattend into the grip with a hammer. The bottom-line is that I never had a grip spin on the bar. Even after the grip end was torn and moisture could get under the grip. The wire is cheap too.

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