What will it be worth?

Bought my 400 back in '98 when they first came out. When I saw Doug Henry kill em all,(in it's first race ever), I put my money down on one. Had to wait 4 months for the slow boat from Japan to get it to my dealer. lol Only mod is Renthal bars. I have no intention of doing anything else to it. It's fine the way it is. So my question is....Will the original badass 4-stroke be a collectors item one day?

It probably will be.

But it's not the original badass 4-stroke; it's the return of the badass 4-stroke. Thumpers ruled MX in the beginning (the real beginning, not the beginning in the U.S.), and refused to go away for quite a while after they had been supplanted by two-strokes. '97 was their comeback. But as the bike that made that resurgence possible, the YZ400 will most likely be worth something someday. Hang onto it for a while.

I guess i shouldn't have said original... I grew up with 2-strokes being the fastest/baddest. I'm too young for the "really" old school stuff. Although I have ridden a few Elsinore's and a friend's TL250. But they're pretty tame in comparison.

Plus it was my first bike..had a 200 Blaster 4-wheeler before that. After the YZ i'll never buy a 2-stroke again. The YZ is the King imo. (and 4-strokes in general) :ride:

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