Time for new rims. Need advice. XR650L

I am planning to replace my stock rims with EXCEL gold colored rims. The stock rims have 32 holes for both rear and front. Most of the aftermarket front 21 rims i've seen have 36 holes in them. The rear is pretty much universal 18 x 2.15 w/ 32 holes. Does anybody know which particular rim to buy? I'm afraid that i may need to change the front hub but i don't want to loose the speedo. Has anybody done this? Lastly how much would it cost to lace and true the wheels for both set, not mentioning tire removal and install. Thanks!

Does anybody know? I've heard about pro wheels as well. I'm sure somebody has replaced their stock rims with the gold colored excel rims. Do i have to replace the front hub or is there a 32 spoke 21 x 1.60 rim?

I'd like to know too.:prof:

Do Talon make a wheel set for the 650L?

Theyre stuff is top notch.

If so I can get them at discount and am willing post to the US.

I expect the £/$ exchange rate wont help matters tho :excuseme:

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