Appologies from Mitch to all

It appears that my last email regarding the Black Spur run and the racing/riding with other rides has aggrevated some. I need to clarify a few things so that we may avoid animosities in the future.

Justin - Ex police officer now Paramedic.

Justin, I hold no grudge toward you as I respect the positions you have held in the past. I of ALL people know what it is like to crash and be hospitalised. I have been there. I spent many months in rehab after a road bike accident that almost killed me. So, to you I say continue the good work as a paramedic. But, I am also concerned about you "slagging" me. I feel you are not in aware of the fuls facts. Yes, we passed others and yes that is against the law. I appreciate that. But, under no circumstance did I endanger others. All passing moves were within safe areas and did not endanger others. respect was given to motorists with a wave after each pass. And we never rode to the point of being outside of our limits.

You need to understand Justin that some of us have come back from a darker place. A place that was not pleasant. I am trying to find the person I once was. But, yes, that is no excuse to ride the way I did. I am a member or road race Australia and I ride at Broadford and Winton and sometimes Calder on a regular basis. Maybe I should continue to so that and avoid endangering others. Insulting me as such in public does nobody any good. Insulting someone rather than explaining your concerns is a little beyond maturity. Justin, in future, if you have any grevences (my spelling is atrocious), please forward them to me dirtectly. I will not take offence as we all have our opinions and we are entitled to them. But please, lets avoid advertising our dirty laundry on this forum.

To Matt in New Zealand.

Thank you for "sticking" up for me. I appreciate that to no end. You are a good fellow and very deserving of my respect and friendship

To Bryan, our fearless leader.. :)

Appologies for introducing the story. I suppose if it were a race track then the story would be less of a sour flavour. My appologies, I will avoid introducing stories such as this on the forum

To the other members

My appologies to you all. My actions were mt own and the riders I was with. We were within our limits. But, my posting and riding on public arrena's is a poor example of riding fast for such an upright forum.


Motorcycles are for having fun. Everyone has a different idea of what fun should be. It's not your fault some people can't handle it.

No apologies necessary, although what's his name owes you one. You shoulda been wearing a helmet-cam! I always enjoy your stories, keep it up - just don't get hurt…

Hey Ron,

I will be getting a helmet Cam in the next month hopefully.

I will take footage of:

1. Winton Raceway

2. Broadford Road Race Track

3. Barrabool MotoX Track (site of the thumper nats)

4. NOT the black spur

I will bring the footage to Moab to we can watch it in the rooms one night. I will also bring the camera along for the moab ride.


Mitch, where are you getting the helmet camera from ? I understand Jaycar have them for about $200, and I was going find out if my video camera is compatible, then it will time to make a video "Crusty Undies" :)


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

Hey Rod,

Crusty Undies... Very cool... Hell, after some of the close calls we have all had, crusty endies is an excellent title. I am getting some friends sourcing it for me. I may have some answers by the end of the week as to where and how much. Although, AU$200 does not sound that bad at all. All you need is a camera with the ani-motion gyro's to make it clear. That is the expensive part. I have an oplder camera without that capability.

So, the largest investment is the damn camera. Although, maybe a camera and helmet cam adapter can be bought as a kit.

Will keep you informed.


Originally posted by Mitch from Oz:

To Matt in New Zealand.

Thank you for "sticking" up for me. I appreciate that to no end. You are a good fellow and very deserving of my respect and friendship

No problems..

It really pissed me off..

I felt it wasn't called for (at all) and voiced my opinion.. WITHOUT the abuse similar to what you entailed..

Sheesh.. I had the PERFECT oppertunity..

How many of us have has bad encounters with the Police at some time..

Its was a perfect time for me to 'open up' but I didn't.. pity he didn't think before he got the fingers walking on the keyboard.



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It impresses me that you have the grit to not start a verbal war with Justin, but instead let the past stay where it is. I've been to some other prominent motorcycle sites where that kind of tongue-lashing will not stop. I don't go to them anymore! It's a big turn-off.

Without getting all mushy - I do think that this site was created for the primary purpose of exchanging information about the WR. It seems a place for us to express our feelings and opinions as well. While I support Justin to be able to express his opinion on your story, he should do it in a professional and courteous manner. Justin, do not be discouraged and stop visiting the site. Just be more controlled in what you write. An ugly posting is just as bad as walking up to someone and hitting them.

To all (especially Mitch): Keep the stories coming! I feel priviledged to be able to experience your passion and determination to be the rider that your once were. Maybe you just need to curtail the parts which could take away from this site. I would never want to hear how someone mutated a story of true human spirit into guys with too much testesterone and motorcycles. We have an uphill battle anyway with Gore! Peace!!

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