Ever wonder? ..One Industries Alpinestars!

Ever wonder how the One Industries Alpinestars graphics look on a 06 yz450?




I will soon have these side panels. And a one industries seat cover with some bridgestone lower fork guards.

(but my number will be 88)


Looks nice. Did A-Stars pay you for the advertising? (joking)

looks good...I like how it fades to black as it goes back on the shrouds.

Nice photoshop on the backgrounds! The "your name" gave it away!

if it had black wheels it would be BAMF

looks pretty damn sick... some black wheels with blue hubs or nipples would finish off that look.

I absolutely LOVE this kit. I just got the same one and put it on earlier this week! Just curious if you put your hub decal on, and what did you do with the three weird sized thin and long decals? do they have a purpose? LOOKIN' GOOD!

here's mine.




No i didnt put the hub decal on i dont think i will. I have no clue what the long ones are for... MB just put them on a tool box or something lol.

BTW WIZ636 yeah i know its photoshoped thats what i was saying above the picture.. lol. I didnt even do a good job on it, was just for a visual.

green tyler.. you should get the bar pad and seat cover too :p I will post some pics of it next week when I Put them on.

yeah for sure... i think i'm goin' to order the seat cover. i'm gonna hold off on the bar pad though... i don't feel like cutting another one up right now! if you look closely you can see that i mounted my hour meter in my current bar pad.

also i love your fork decals! they match the set up nicely...

i'm also waiting for custom printed number plates...

if it had black wheels it would be BAMF

seems like every effer on this board thinks black wheels makes a bike look good....i dont know about most of you guys, but i go through about 2 bikes a year. wheels are wheels, your racing the piss outta these things...not trying to drop panties and get laid. you do that with speed guys.

Those look great!

Can they fit on a 426?

Your axle is in the wrong direction chief. Neat graphics though. Seriously, just trying to be helpful. Check your manual and it shows the axle bolt on the disc brake (right) side. After crashing yesterday on my left side, I'm glad I didn't have the axle in the way you have it. I'd probably never be able to get the bolt off. Although I guess that could happen on either side if the crash was bad enough.


Your axle is in the wrong direction

holy crap. good eye! haha

Holy shit! Guess i shouldnt have smoked that bag of meth when i put my tire back on! (jk jk) Hmm ill take care of it. Putting a paddle on anyway for my trip to the oregon dunes! Mmmmmmm!

a bag of meth huh? pshhHHHH we did good on your graphics. mm hmm. post the new pics of the seat cover and fork guards! ^_^

UPDATE! New seat cover and lower fork guards!



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