breathe in, breathe out, breathein,breatheout...

hey guys... i just got done reading some gripes int he yzf forum bout yzfs.... and learned that the case breather not only spits oil, but sucks air.... true? if so, is there a way to prevent sucking up cruddy swamp water??? is there some one way check valve, filter, etc... you can get for this, or is it something you gotta live with?

You reroute your breather hose into your airbox. Put a filter on the end of it, to keep the crap out.

when I got my 2K the breather went to the air box... NO WAY!! It spewed oil all over the air box, sub frame, AND filter... it was filthy. The dia of the hose is large enough that it won't cause much suction.. but you could T it and go up a few inches, Maybe to a filter end...

I run mine in the stock location, then tuck it behind my E-LINE skid plate. (to splash water away.) I don't cross any water slow enough for it to go anywhere but away from the bike.

a friend of mine put it in the air box and put a filter on it,,, the filter clogged with oil vapour very fast

ive found the best way to solve this is leave the pipe in its original position,,, but place a T piece towards the top and attatch to this a piece of tube and run it up under the tank.

now it wont suck water from the bottom but air thro the new tube,, and it allows the oil vapour to just run out down thro the orriginal tube

UH-OH!!! here we go again............

watch out Socal and Guy......

you can take your stinking breather and stick it up your arse......

just kidding, I had to do it.


Just want to know...which tube is the breather tube? There are five of them coming off of the carb. Or is it some other tube?

:D Hmmnn..... a sense of Deja-vu here eh Ronin?!?! I think we have been here before he he ! There is a whole thread of arguments/opinions and discovery on this very same subject, imaginatively called "Crancase breather" have a look...and tell us your opinions!

Dan, the breather in question is the thick black tube coming from the top of the engine and if you have it stock...finishing near the bottom of the engine!

Good luck! :)

I have been crossing streams that go up to the top of the transmission for 3 years on my 99. I have never had any water wind up in my motor. The only person I have ever seen injest water (Sorry David) is GA426Owner after a misguided trip into a "Pit From Hell" the only reason he got water then is because he let it die, and tried to kick it with the tube under the water level.

I would'nt sweat it....Just don't try and start it with the hose submerged and you will be ok....

Bonzai :)

Hey guys, not to rain on your parade here, but there was a huge thread on this within the last two months. Just search for crankcase, or breather, and you'll find lots of useful insight and opinions.


Guy, Ronnin,

Should I? :)


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:) SoCal.....Go for it!!!! LOL! :D:D


Couldn't do it :D Let someone else run with the ball this time.. Who know's someone might come up with an angle we can learn from :) Let the Games Begin! let's hear your veiw's.. Guy, Ronnin and myself promise not to enter the arena..Uhh, well at least I do anyway.. :D


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same on this side of the pond. not a word.


:) Well................. :D

Well guy's I don't know how deep the water is over with you but in Wales its permananly raining just 3 weeks ago a pal of mine bought a YZ426 and in just three hours the engine was seized solid not a pretty sight you should have seen his oil filter we had to almost get a spade to dig it out of the engine!!! I know what you guys said on the last thread about the crankcase breather, I started it but I've been runing my 426 with the breather into the air box for the last 3/4 weeks and I cannot tell the difference, there also does not seem to be any significant oil residue either, if your not happy with that just route the pipe up and over the engine and bring it down the side of the frame just above the foot pegs and cabble tie it there I ran my WR 400 like this for a year with no problems.

The whole point is not to suck up water when you start the engine - but only if you stall in water where the water line is ABOVE the end of the breather tube. Wherever you put it the end HAS to be out of whatever water-line you happen to be mired in. Routing to near the footpegs wont solve that if the end of the pipe is submerged.

You have two options :

1) Extend/Route the original pipe so the end always will be above the water line.

2) Split it with a T junction and leave the orignal but route the new pipe somewhere so it will always be above the water line.

Up to you where you feed it and how/if you filter it.

I split mine and put the new end into the air box. No problems...also no gook in the air-box because any oil will still pass via the old route ie DOWN and OUT.

I also re-routed one end of each of the carb breather pipes into the air box. I read somwehere that the carb will also suck on startup.

I'm new here so this may have already been suggested, but it seems to me that a breather from any model Chevy pickup rearend would slip into that hose and be the perfect remedy to this problem.

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