whats a good aftermaket carb for a honda xr650l

whats a good aftermaket carb for a honda xr650l

the stock cv carb is good when jetted right. if you want better, go with the keihin fcr 41 pumper. this is my new carb. the accelerator pump is nice to have. it runs better cold, has more bottom to mid throttle response. i also think top end is better too.

i think eldelbrock makes one

oh, the only problem is , the fcr is 500 bucks. the mikuni pumper is 100 bucks cheaper and is ok but hard to jet. the edelbrock is well liked(dont have enough info to properly inform) but i read that jetting is easy but lose more one way or the other.


Burned doesn't like the edelbrocks for some reason- between here, 4strokes, maybe advrider and the yahoo XRLUG group, you'll get a good idea of which works well, and why.

You'll get lots of info on those groups if you become adept at searching.


I've got the mikuni non pumper from XRs only and right out of the box it was jeted perfect. No problems! Bike starts when its cold,would not do that very well even with the Mods. About 229$ not bad.

who did u get mikuni from

who did u get mikuni from

XRs only!

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