Can 03 & 05 Starter Parts Mix

I know this is an old topic but I haven't found anyone with this problem...

Does anyone know if the parts from a 03 starter would fit a 05 starter. Also what is the difference in the torque limiters of the 03 and 05? Also is there a difference between the starter clutch of a 03 and 05?? All I can find is that people are replacing 03 parts for 05/04 parts.....I can't see that much difference in torque limiters or starter clutches????

Reason being is that my new 300 dollar starter on my 05 lasted about 200 miles and the splines on the starter are wore off and I didn't even use the starter once!!!! The same happened to the other starter as one seems to know what the problem is...the starter clutch is in good shape and everything seems to line up. No I don't hit the starter button by accident while the bike is running. The starter seems to be kicking in once in awhile if the bike is layed on its side as in spinning out climbing a steep hill. I also heard the starter running once when I fired it up....the starter clutch only spins the correct way and locks up the other way so it seems fine.:foul: I have even taken it off and replaced the bolts that hold it on..also have taken it in to a dealership to check it out and it is fine.....

I can purchase a 03 used starter but do the armateurs match up?? The splines on the 03 are okay--mine are ground off:thumbsdn: I want to put the 03 armatuer into the 05 starter??!!


Pretty sure it's the same but before you put another starter on you better figure out why the starter is running intermittently. Sounds like a short somewhere along the harness. There is no torque limiter in the '03 but the idler gear that was used in it's place has the same #teeth and pitch.

Thank you for responding...I checked my wiring and everything checked took awhile to check all the wiring with an OHM meter but can't seem to find the problem.....


Since it doesn't happen all the time it's going to be a little difficult to find. Look for any place where the wire may be chaffing. Also check the switch for an intermittent short. If you don't fix it the new starter will be destroyed in very short order.

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